LASER TAG in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Laser Tag Party Starting at $450
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(Duration: One and a Half Hour)

Includes Party Invites and laser tag guns and barriers for 10 players
Throw a Mobile Laser Tag Party!
Be the first in your neighborhood to create a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime by your family and friends!

A Laser Tag Party is a healthy way to entertain, make and solidify friendships, build confidence, team and leadership skills, all while having fun playing tag. We will set up, organize and run your Laser Tag Party. You do not need to worry about the entertainment as the crew takes control of your event. After your guest arrive and are handed over to the Laser Tag crew you are free to participate, watch, have your own party, or even grab some quiet time.

The Laser tag crew will ensure everyone has safe fun and learns a bit about playing and working together. At the end of the Laser Tag Party, the tired but exhilarated participants are returned to you for whatever additional activities are planned.